Append to an archived note?

When sharing a link, is it possible to append to a note that’s been archived or does it have to be in the inbox?

Where and by what method are you sharing your link?

When I share a link from Safari via the share button or share context menu entry on the Mac, it uses the web template settings in the extension preferences and always creates a new note.

When I share a link from Safari on the iPhone and iPad via the share sheet, there is no native share for Drafts showing. Drafts only shows as an available option for me when I’m sharing a set of text.

If you wanted to always append to the same archived draft each time, you could use Shortcuts to do this on i*OS and still go via the share sheet. On the Mac though, you would probably need to utilise the /append option in the URL Scheme, and you would then need to implement via some sort of automation tool, or perhaps even a bookmarklet.

iOS. It allows me to easily send a link to a draft. Just wondering if, once I get pro & I’m allowed to append, if it can append to an archived note.

Right. Looks like I needed to shift off the beta and reboot to get the Drafts option on the share sheet to show for links on iOS and not just text.

You can append to an archived draft directly from that option.

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