Append to a single draft with Apple Watch dictation?

TL;DR: Is there a way to use Apple Watch dictation to append to a single draft throughout the day?

Hello all!

I’m pretty new here, but already really stoked with all that Drafts has to offer. I’ve been trying to figure out all the ways that I can capture into Drafts. What I’m really looking to do is be able to use Apple Watch to dictate to end a pend to a single draft. The use case is this: Moving to Drafts I am trying to build a list of all the tasks and projects that I have going, and I wanna just brain dump all the things that I can think of throughout the day. I’d like to have this all in one draft so that I can organize it without having to sort through who knows how many by the time these days is over.

Thanks in advance!


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You can append to a draft on the Watch. Just open the draft, and use the “Append” button.

As far as automating that? Not exactly. A couple of thoughts that might be helpful directions:

  • Consider just capturing each item as a new draft. That’s the least friction to get things out of your head. When you go to inbox to process them on the phone, or Mac, or whatever, you can select multiple in the inbox and apply actions, like sending them on to a task manager, or if desired merge them into one draft to summarize the day.

  • If you really want to automate on the Watch, you can use Shortcuts actions that dictate and append to a draft. They will require the phone be present, however. It can just be in your pocket, but Shortcuts that can do such things are possible.

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You can also set up so that a specific tag is assigned to each draft created by the watch. You can then isolate them easily in a Workspace. I have a Workspace which is confined to Watch drafts created today. I then take the URL for that workspace and drop it into a task in my Task manager to remind me to review/action drafts created today by the watch.


I think that gets me going in the right direction. I’ll play around with it and see how I progress. Thank you!