Append action destination URL to bottom of source draft

I would like to be able to send a draft to another app and have the Draft link to the object in that app.

Currently, I can send a task to send to Todoist via the built in method or Wrike via Gmail. Along with the task, I send the Draft URL. This is great because I can get to the Draft from the task. However, I would also like to get from the Draft back to the task. Is there an easy way to add the destination link to the Draft from apps that have a permalink?

I would like to do this for the following apps:


I’m not a programmer. So, it would be nice to avoid coding too much.

Wouldn’t it be great if one of the action steps allowed you to manipulate the current draft used in the action at the end?

Is there an easy way to tackle this?

Thanks for your feedback.

Can this be done? The answer is “yes and no”, depending on the app/service and whether they support returning a URL.

Pretty sure the answer is “no” for Day One and Spark. Using the Todoist API (not the app URLs) it should be possible, but would require scripting and some research into their API docs.

Not sure on the others. I assume it would be possible with AirTable, but I’m not familiar with their API.