App Not in Database

Not even sure where this should go to, I’ve been recently getting this dialog box whenever I open Drafts (latest iPadOS - Not TestFlight Version).

At first I thought it was because of TextExpander wasn’t logged in on the iPad Pro, but I took care of that which didn’t make a difference.

I can’t honestly think of anything that would be causing this.

My iPad mini 6 is working just fine and both are iCloud synced and really due to the space on the Mini, I have less apps installed on there than I do my iPad Pro.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have no idea what that is…and it’s certainly not coming from Drafts.

Do you have an Shortcuts automations setup that do something when the app is launched? It certainly sounds like something related to such an automation.

Thanks @agiletortoise, you’re correct, it WAS because of an automation. I was trying to use Federico’s CAPS Writer shortcut with Drafts that I couldn’t get to work and completely forgot about that. I turned it off and Drafts is back to normal.

Thanks again, have a great day :smile:

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