App Launch Latency

Totally subjective, and perhaps completely wrong (i.e. maybe I’m extra impatient today), or maybe I’ve reached a threshold of data held in-app (fwiw it’s 81 Drafts containing 73K characters/13k words), but…

Since last update (to v31.0.1 - 37) it feels like there’s the slightest lag upon launching (2018 Mac Mini, latest OS, plenty of memory). It no longer feels quite as instant as other “compact” apps like Stickies, Notes, TextEdit, etc.

It’s also just slightly laggy to quit. On both ends, a mere fraction of a second. But markedly longer than “instant”. And I’m not necessarily complaining. Just reporting!

Have you rebooted recently? Most likely reason for a startup lag is trouble initializing iCloud, which is usually a temporary system issue and resolved by a reboot.

Lag on quit could also be more noticeable if this is happening, as the app tries to make sure any pending sync operations are complete before quitting.

No diff upon reboot. Here’s a screen recording.

Was this helpful in any way? Shall I stop reporting? If I’m a low-value user, that’s cool by me, but I’d rather not waste time.

This issue doesn’t “bother” me, I’m trying to be helpful.

I’m not sure I see much from this video. I wouldn’t say that launch time seems extreme or laggy. It’s certainly something we try to optimize periodically, but a bit more so on iOS where the system quits the app all the time in the background, whereas most leave it running on Mac.

It will never likely compare to Stickies, as that app has almost no overhead to launch.

Do you have a lot of actions and action groups? That is something that can slow launch a bit because they all have to be loaded and initialized at start up.

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