Anything that Drafts 4 can that the non-pro Drafts 5 cannot?


the automatic backups are to iCloud but you can integrate actions with other cloud services.


Thanks …

BTW, I have already started my trial week … I was already missing Workspaces and different Themes.
I was falling more in love with every minute.

I think, this will be my very first subscription, even if my above (general) thoughts are still valid :wink:


Subscriptions are an app by app value proposition. We’re working hard to make a commitment to delivering that value. We hope we can for you.


for me subscriptions and their value are a case by case basis. I’m happy to support Drafts this way because I use it’s features, and while I may not be the most “power” of the power users, I’m definitely closer to that side than just what the free app does. So it’s a no brainer for me.

And really that’s what I think about with all subscriptions. I am subscribed to various services (like Dropbox and Netflix) but as far as regular apps, the only other two are Overcast (I’m listening to podcasts constantly and want to support the development ) and 1password, which is vital for me and my family. Had Workflow ever gone the subscription route I would have done that one too. That’s basically it for me. Its all about choosing on a case by case basis. If an app goes subscription and doesn’t offer the value for me, I just don’t get it. If it does offer value, then it’s a no brainer.


I balance my list of subscriptions accordingly. Like most, I can’t afford to subscribe to everything.

At the end of the day it is all about how you assign value. I don’t work for free, so I conversely don’t mind paying for top of the line work in return.

The bottom line for me is that Drafts 5 Pro doesn’t disappoint; it truly is a tool it saves me a ton of time, makes my life easier with key solutions for how I work on iOS. A yearly Drafts 5 Pro subscription is literally 0.05476; 5 cents (USD) a day.

And I can hardly wait for the upcoming macOS version that will be part of it all.

Best of luck!


I’m Windows based, so this is very sad for me.

But why I am constantly complaining about subscriptions, is not because I am not willing to spend money.

I think I wrote that 2 times above: There is a better solution than subscriptions to help out both customers and developers!

Subscriptions cannot work for all apps and developers - but this is what I see growing, which is very bad.

And I will be part of that, as Drafts will be my first subscription.


Subscriptions don’t work for all app, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t best for SOME apps. And having been a Drafts 4 user and a Drafts 5 user, it seems to me like this is a good fit.


Wow! I love Drafts, but I couldn’t ditch Day One for it!

Did not see that one coming!


I bought drafts 4 even when 5 was released. I had the chance Tibet’s test 5 but ran out of time to really tell if subscription was really worth it for me. So I paid the £4.99 for version 4. Now I’m aiming to use this more with no time limitation. I then will make the decision on 5 when I’m ready. I’m just not sure if I’d really get my money’s worth out of 5 especially since I’m still trying to work the use of the app into every day use cases.


Well coming from the dim and distant past I can remember when a copy of word, excel etc cost upwards of $100 each, Photoshop and the like were in the 100’s of dollars. The result (on windows) hundreds of cracked bug/virus ridden versions infecting peoples computers.

I actually can not see any difference between paying a small, come on it’s really is very little, yearly subscription and paying for a new app each year.

Software costs money to develop and the culture of a race to the bottom in price and quality benefits nobody, and devs need to eat and prosper. However subscriptions only work for certain apps, for me that is those that provide value in what I do, so I pay for Drafts, but I dropped Bear and Ulysses as they were not giving me a good return on investment. I also pay for Gsuite, inoreader, and a couple of others. I would also happily pay a sub for Omnifocus but they have a different business model. Drafts however is without doubt worth the money to me, even though I have probably not scratched the surface of what it is actually capable of.

Subscriptions can run away from you, but like everything its just discipline. The bottom line is if you want it be prepared or able to pay for it or you simply can’t have it, that’s life and really no good kicking too much against it. I would love an Aston Martin!

Personally I would rather have 10 apps that allow me to get done what I need, than 700 (which I really doubt its possible to use that many anyway) just sitting there. That said I do not play games, life throws me enough suprises and challenges without paying for more.:wink:


That’s my aim. Even 33 seems like a fine number. Somehow, I keep overshooting the mark.