Anyone use Tap Forms for iOS?

Hello. Just wondering if anyone here uses Tap Forms and knew of any drafts integrations or actions? I can’t seem to find any way of getting text into it from drafts.

Should I email the dev and ask them to investigate? Or is it something achievable with an action? The app doesn’t even seem to show up in share sheets.

It’s a great database creation app, I have only just discovered it. Would love to get it working with drafts.


Not a definitive answer or anything, but it looks like, certainly up to a few years ago, that the nearest you could do was save stuff to a file in a staging area ready for importing. Presumably this is where the CSV support and such comes in

The iOS app store info mentions Shortcuts integration, but then goes on to suggest it is only to run internal actions on data. Maybe if one of those could trigger the import, you might get “something” in place you could drive from Drafts?

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Thanks for the advice @sylumer - I’ll check out the Shortcuts options.