AnyList Integration

How can I connect Drafts with AnyList for a simple grocery list?

Take a look at this Drafts 4 action.

There’s an option to auto-update v4 actions to v5 actions on their respective pages.

Thanks. It says I need to first have a Remove Blank Lines action. Can you point me to that?

The link to that pre-requisite action is given in the description at the top, on that action directory page.

Does anyone have a Drafts 5 action for this? 4 is no longer available. Thanks.

If you have Drafts 4 and Drafts 5, you can use the Way back machine to grab the v4 install link, import the action to v4, and then migrate the action to v5 from within v4. That’s what I’ve done below to produce an updated action and it’s prerequisite action.

I’m not using AnyList, so they are untested.

Hope that helps.

Brilliant. This works flawlessly. Thanks so much for your help!