Any way to get Kindle highlights and notes?

Is there any way to pull Amazon Kindle highlights and notes into Drafts?

There’s no API to my knowledge and, whilst this integrates with Readwise, I don’t use Readwise. provides access to a user’s highlights and notes on a per-book basis, but is naturally secured by account authentication, so login would be required.

Seems it is possible to harness Puppeteer in Javascript to scrape it.

Ultimately, I’d like to fetch my Kindle highlights and notes into Markdown and put them in my Obsidian folder.

There’s this plugin for Obsidian.

Do you need to go via Drafts?

I’m aware of the plugin, but it doesn’t work on iOS.

You are aware that all highlights and notes are stored on the Kindle devices themselves in My Clippings.txt? It’s—obviously—a plain text file Drafts can handle and there are dividers between the highlights so a script/action can easily chop them into atomic notes.

Some more processing might be necessary to, say, put all the reference infos like author, title, and position in the text into a Markdown footnote.

Yes, but i’m not too interested in using a cable to connect it to my computer, and quite interested in pulling news highlights incrementally to my iPad in the morning, including in a custom format.