Any Airmail users here?

Any Airmail users here? I tried up update the Drafts 4 action for Airmail, and it looks correct per the Airmail docs, but it doesn’t seem to send the body, I’m told.

Here’s the action:

I don’t have Airmail, thought I’d ask if anyone else has it setup and working.

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I can confirm that the body doesn’t arrive, I’ll do some playing and see if I can figure out why.

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Correct- no body seen (with Drafts 5)- any help appreciated!

I use the following action with Airmail and it works for me: By benhager

The main difference here seems to be copying the body into the clipboard before pasting it into Airmail


I’ve asked Airmail help center and they told me that Airmail wasn’t well supported by Drafts 4. Same goes for Drafts 5.
I found an action which kind of work, but the font I usually use and set up Airmail with is never used when the message has been written on Drafts and then sent to Airmail… I have to select the whole text and set another time the font I want…
It’s kind of a shame!!!

I’ll try to contact them this week with a technical explanation, if I get a few minutes. Their URL schemes not functioning as documented is hardly a failure on Drafts end.

You can paste this URL in Safari to test, and they are ignoring the plainBody param :



For what it’s worth I’m on the beta and I told the developers about this months ago, and there have been no changes.

Changing plainBody to htmlBody works but obviously won’t have the desired result. Maybe you could convert from markdown to html then send to airmail?

Made this action that converts the draft to html and sends it Airmail as html. It works great!


Thank you! I’m an Airmail user. On both Mac and iOS - in case it needs further testing on one or other platform.

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No problem. Let me know if you have any problems with it.

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Airmail user on both platforms - many thanks!