ANN: Drafts Web Capture! Add to Drafts from any browser

We are super excited to launch Drafts Web Capture, a new way to capture text to your Drafts library, from any modern web browser, on any platform!

What is Drafts Web Capture?

Drafts Web Capture is a web page that integrates directly with your Drafts iCloud storage, allowing the creation of drafts from any web browser on any platform. Key use cases for Drafts Web Capture:

  • You are someplace you do not have access to the Drafts app directly. On a Windows PC at work? Have an Android tablet? Now you can capture that idea directly to Drafts without pulling out your iPhone.
  • You want to use Drafts as a bookmark library, read-it-later service, or general research tool to keep up with links and text quotes from web pages. Combined with a bookmarklet (examples below), Draft Web Capture makes it smooth and easy to enable such workflows.

Drafts Web Capture should work in most modern browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) on any platform (Windows, Linux, Android - as well as macOS, iOS).

Intro Screencast

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to start using Drafts Web Capture:


This is super neat!

Looking forward to trying it out. When I tried signing in with Apple I got this error though:

Sorry, could not complete request because:
Invalid OAuth Token

Using Safari 14.1 and macOS 11.3.

Try to quit and re-launch Safari.

Endless spinning spoke wheel when I go to

Might indicate inability to load the iCloud libraries, maybe on a work network? If you continue to have issues, please open a ticket ( with details about browser/platform/network.

Absolutely wonderful. Just got it working on a Chromebook. Such a nice surprise.

Only thing I’ve noticed is, that in Chrome(book), some of the Keyboard shortcuts listed at the bottom of the capture window, conflict with those in Chrome.

  • Shift+Ctrl+B shows/hides bookmarks bar
  • Shift+Ctrl+T duplicates the current tab

I am so happy about this, and it works great on my Android Pixel phone.

I prefer the Android OS for phones (ONLY for phones – you’ll have to pry my iPad out of my cold, dead hands). I’ve wished for an Android Drafts app since Drafts first came out for iOS. I’ve tried to think of some way to hack being able to capture text for Drafts via my Android phone. And now I can, no hack required!

I’ve already tried this and it works great. I have now bookmarked the URL to my Android home screen.

Thank you!

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Didn’t need to in the end. I tried again now and it just worked.

Good stuff!

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THIS is the solution those of us with Windows desktop machines and iOS-running handsets have been asking for from writing apps… What’s odd is that I only speak to one other person regularly who uses Drafts and we were just talking at length this morning about this

So I see it’s not Facebook or Alexa who’s been listening to my conversations all this time…But Drafts!! :bowing_man: :raised_hands: :wink:

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Awesome! Finally I can also capture when I’ve booted my mac to windows for work! :slight_smile:

I always said that Drafts is one of the very few real applications on iOS (not only an app) but now I have to find a new word for what Drafts is.

As a software engineer we may call it a ITE (integrated text enviroment) - thank you so much @agiletortoise

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