An action to search for a draft's text in the rest of Drafts?

My muscle memory is now so strong with Drafts that I often find my self typing a search query into a new draft rather than the search field. I have looked for an action that would take this text and search the rest of my drafts for it but it doesn’t look like this is possible?
It seems like being able to search for the text of a draft elsewhere in drafts would be useful in other situations as well.

I am aware that this my be a really stupid question, but then how else will I learn?

Here’s something that might help derived from something else I have.

Take this example script as the starting point.

let workspace = Workspace.find("Primary");
workspace.queryString = "lorem";

Change the workspace name to one that works for you or query for the current one. Substitute in the query string for the current draft content. I think that should do the trick for what you want.

Hope that helps.