Amplenote integration

I’m considering switching from Evernote to Amplenote (waiting to see what happens with the Evernote acquisition in the next few months), but not sure I’m willing to give up using Drafts integrated with my notetaking app. I don’t know (or have the technical skill set) to create these integrations with Drafts, and I don’t see any made for Amplenote yet, but would love it if someone would create that connection!

It looks like they have an API, so it should be possible, and perhaps even more reliable to interact with than Evernote.

You have the perfect excuse to develop those skills. A good many people develop those skills to scratch their own itch, and there’s a community of people here who can help answer questions along the way.

I must admit I’ve never heard of Amplenote until this post. I’ll put it on the list to consider future integration, but that sort of depends on there being additional requests.

It is likely actions could be written directly to the API now as well.