Alternate Means of Triggering Favorite Actions?

Is there any alternative way to get at certain favorite actions quickly, or is there just the one most obvious methos: select an action group, scroll (and scroll!) and choose?

I find I’m using App actions (in Basic) quite often, but those are at the bottom. I feel like there must be some alternative means to invoke that I’m missing.

One option would be to script the launching of certain actions (I’m assuming Drafts allows this), but that won’t help me on mobile.

I’m new, and haven’t yet checked out, say, Workspaces. Maybe there I’ll find the solution I’m looking for.

The default action groups are examples.

Start with the User Guide section on actions to get familiar with how to configure groups. You can make your own, move only the actions you use to that group and never have to switch groups at all. Reorder, create sections, delete ones you don’t use - find more you like from the Directory.

You can also assign keyboard shortcuts, configure the groups you use in the action bar to your liking, etc.

It does not take too much work to put what you want at your fingertips.

The list is also searchable, and actions can be triggered via Quick Search as well.

Ooh, nice. Excited to try this. Thanks!

Being on i(Pad)OS most of the time, I miss things like Alfred and LaunchBar. Anything that allows me to filter and invoke actionable items via the smallest number of key presses possible makes me happy.

Maybe all you need to do is tweak your action groups, as per Greg’s suggestion above. Problem for me is that I’ve got a lot of actions in a number of groups, accumulated over years of using Drafts. I could (should?) review and prune my actions groups more often. In the meantime, I use this: (

All this one does is open the actions panel, placing the cursor in the search field ready for you to type the first few letters of the action you’re thinking of, in order to filter the list. I keep this on my primary action bar (the row of extended keys) so it’s always available. If you use an external keyboard and you’re familiar with “slash” commands, I’ve mapped the shortcut to command+/.

Added bonus? Filtering the actions list like this sometimes reminds me of actions I’d completely forgotten about or haven’t used for a while. So it supports the effort of tidying things up even while speeding up access. Win win. :slight_smile:

jsamlarose, sounds like we are in the same boat (e.g. I’m using this to provide, on mobile, the functionality of Alfred’s custom web search). I appreciate your suggestion and will seriously study it, and also check out your other postings here, since our use cases are similar.

Edit: Love the “Action” Action!

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