Allow importing common text file-extensions besides "txt", e.g. "html" etc

I have several templates that I use in Actions, and when I try to import from iCloud Drive, the files are greyed-out if they’re “.html”. I’d really like Drafts to allow importing at least txt, markdown, md, mdown, html, css, js, taskpaper, and maybe some other common ones. (It might allow some of those; I’ve only specifically checked with .html).

Ah, the joy of file types on iOS.

Drafts registers for any plain text Uniform Type Identifier (UTI). Those should be available. They are for me on my device, but they aren’t for some people on their device - further complicated by inconsistent implementation across document provider extension in the

I may have to give up and register to import any data file type…but I really dislike that idea because I’m going to end up with with people importing image files, etc. that Drafts doesn’t know what to do with.