After success do nothing keeps sending draft to archive?

Hi all

I have downloaded an action from the Drafts directory and sent the after success to nothing

yet when I launch that action the draft keeps sending to archive upon completion

any clue?

using latest macOS and latest drafts

here is the action



It isn’t set as “default” for the after success, so it should not be picking up anything from the action group level, but it is possible for the script to be doing it.

Please share a link to the action so we can check what it is doing exactly.

Should the action contain any personal information, then do take a copy, sanitise it to remove that data and share a link to that instead.

thx here is the link:

thx for the swift response!


The action is explicity written to archive the draft in its script. If you do not want that behavior, you can comment out this portion of the script:

//archives when no selection was made
if ((editor.getSelectedText() == "") && (URLmatches != null)){
	draft.isArchived = true; 
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perfect thx so much guys!