After actions completed

I have a couple of questions to ask about actions. After I have completed work on a draft and performed the actions that I needed I want to be able to add the date and time but I want to ensure that it is at the bottom of the draft on the page and not simply where the cursor is currently located. So is there an action which will automatically move the cursor to the end of the document?

Similarly is there an action that, if so desired, moves the cursor to the very top of the draft after the actions are compleat?


There are “jump to” actions in the ThoughtAsylum - Writing action group that cover these.

You could include those, or call the functions they use if you inclue the TADpoLe library as they do (by inclueing the action TAD) and add further custom processing.

Note that there is also a “Bottom” option in the built-in navigation menu which will move to the end of the draft.

Also, if you are just trying to have a reference to when you acted on a draft, the action log keeps a history of executed action (if they are set to log) with timestamps. You may have a reason to need to date inserted in the text, but it’s possible that would be unnecessary.

If it is something you need in the text, always at the end, that is pretty easy to automate with a script as well. If you put this script in an action step at the end of your action, it would insert the date for you at the end of the draft:


This action does the job:

You can put the script of this action in an action step at the end of your action.