Advice on notes full of images and graphics, anyone know of similar drafts like actions for Apple notes or other options?

Hi all

i basically use drafts for everything (like most of you here probably) but one use case over the last few years of using drafts that’s always been cumbersome (to me at least) are notes with 20-30 images or graphs. i have a nice MD workflow to add each image individually but it just doesn’t cut it when you want to quick capture a bunch of images…

so…im thinking of using Apple notes for this (and of course only for this cause im to addicted to drafts…:)). due to this addiction i really would love a similar send to Devonthink, send to Omnifocus etc actions…

does anyone know if this is possible using sone Applescript magic or maybe the new upcoming shortcuts?

any advise (and advice in general working with images in drafts on a large scale) would be really useful and appreciated!



definitely feasible - see resources here:

I’m not sure if this Shortcut will help

awesome @dfay , very cool thread!

though im still a bit unclear (as i have zero to very limited coding skills :)) how does one use AS to move a note to DT (as a MD file or PDF).

any code examples you know of to get me started?

i can then i assume use Keyboard Maestro to launch the script and then create a drafts like workflow :smiley:

thx alot again