Advanced Data Protection

Does Drafts (or will Drafts) support iCloud advanced data protection? On the Apple web site it says…

“Third-party app data stored in iCloud is always encrypted in transit and on server. When you turn on Advanced Data Protection, third-party app data stored in iCloud Backup and CloudKit encrypted fields and assets are end-to-end encrypted.”

Advanced Data Protection in not really an app-level feature. It’s system-level. There’s nothing an app needs to do to support it.

If you enable it, any app’s data stored locally on your device will be encrypted when backed up to iCloud.

Drafts does not support CloudKit encryption, which is something totally separate from Advanced Data Protection, but possibly what you are really asking about. Your Drafts data is synced through CloudKit (if sync is enabled) and CloudKit transfers and stores data in an encrypted state, but Apple does have those encryption keys.

More detailed information is available in Apple’s Platform Security guide.

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Isn’t Advanced Data Protection essentially the same thing as CloudKit encryption with the later having keys only stored on the user’s device? And when you say that it’s a system-level feature I understand that, but doesn’t the developer have to mark fields in cloudkit as encrypted?

“Advanced Data Protection also automatically protects CloudKit fields that third-party developers choose to mark as encrypted, and all CloudKit assets.” - source

I think the confusion for me is that some of the terms are ambiguous. Speaking way beyond my depth here… :grimacing: