Adjusting Week Number - Differs from ICU Date Time Format

I’m using drafts tags in an action step and formatting the week number (Have tried both %V and %u) but it’s always off because it seems that weeks are (00-51). Is there a way to referene week numbers like in the “Unicode” format that start at 1? If not, can I adjust the week number so it reference all of the other data in my system correctly. No expert, thanks in advance for the help!

Using %V works for me in Drafts. Today (2021-02-21) we are in week 7 (ref.

You can confirm this with a bit of JavaScript for example.


Note that %W uses a zero-based origin, whereas %V uses a one-based origin for week days. %u is for week days, not weeks.

Try %V again, and if you are still having issues with it, please post a link to your action so we can investigate what is going on.

Thanks for your reply. I see the problem; my other systems are using the ICU / Unicode Documentation format. Drafts is working like it should. I may need to just figure something else out. Sigh…