Additional TaskPaper Features

I just got back to using Drafts because of the introduction of the MacOS version. I had used the older versions for years, but my programs and workflow changed so I didn’t need it as much.

With the addition of TaskPaper formats I have a few feature requests. Since TaskPaper stopped working on their iOS version, many have been left looking for an alternative. I have used both Taskmator and Editorial, but neither really works well for me, and others have expressed the same concern.

It would be nice if Drafts could add a few features to allow us to replace those iOS programs completely.

The main feature is folding, which hopefully could be added to the Markdown format as well. Another would be the ability to indent with tabs. Finally the ability to filter inside of notes, with the bonus of being able to filter on a tag by clicking on it. More full-featured filtering would just be a bonus.

These would allow me personally to replace the iOS versions mentioned above. Others may want additional features.

Drafts may not want to go in this direction, but there are a lot of people still using TaskPaper and hoping for a better alternative for iOS.

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Since the Tab feature is not yet in Drafts, maybe you can use the taskpaper action group which contains a Tab action/button when used as a keyboard.
It might help a little until new taskpaper features get added?

(all credits to @RosemaryOrchard for the action group)

Thank you for the information. I had not downloaded this one from Rosemary but just did so to try it out.