Adding Interact app scratchpad functionality to Drafts 5

You told me some time ago that you hope to eventually be able to add “Interact scratchpad” functionality to Drafts 5. I fully understand that this will take time.

In the meantime, does Drafts have any ability to send to iOS Contacts? Or does anybody have any suggestions or actions that might be useful?


Any news on this? I was looking for something like this today… Anyone know of any alternative solutions?

You can still send text to Interact just as you did with D4.

But there’s no access to contacts via D5 scripting yet.

Interact seems to be on its way out. And it goes south when opening on my iPhone 12. So having this functionality in drafts would be nice. I’m only interested in turning free form text into a contact -None of the contact management.

I’m using Cardhop to do this these days. Easy to send to Cardhop from drafts