Adding a Tag Kills Scrolling

After invoking command T into the tag field and adding a tag to a Draft and then moving into the body of the text field – the text field will not scroll - it locks up …

The only exit from this is to place the cursor in a viewable area, hit command arrow down to get the cursor to the bottom of the text even though the cursor can’t be seen, then hit return to free the text field back up and it regains scrollability…

I tried reproducing this on my Mac and couldn’t based on the description.

Can you confirm the Drafts version number, the platform/OS, and exactly what you mean by “the body of the text field”? Is that text field with a body the draft content area, the tag field, or one of the other text entry fields, and how does the “body” differ from the field itself in your definition (e.g. deselecting a tag and placing the cursor after the tags in the tag field)?

I left out the key ingredient: The text in the body field must exceed the full visable screen - so scrolling is required…

It is reproducible on my end 100% of the time… and does not require command t for the tag field… clicking into has the same issue.

Here is a screencast of the issue:

v39.1 (263)
Mac OSX 12.6.3

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I can reproduce the issue. After entering a tag, click inside the text. The cursor looks “live” but scrolling does not work. Pressing the :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:︎ key restores scrolling.

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I reproduced this…but it’s only specific to the tag shelf being hidden or made visible. Will fix in the next build, but if you just leave the tag field visible you’ll be fine for now.

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I don’t ever hide the tag shelf. And is persistent with the shelf visible.

I agree. The problem exists with the shelf visible.

@Bjb Are you also on macOS 12.x? I can’t reproduce that here on Ventura at the moment.

No, I’m on macOS 13.4 on an M-1 Studio Mac. Drafts version 39.1.