Add to List - iOS Action

I cannot launch Add to List using iPhone app. Mac app works super, but I tap the double square in iOS (top right in Drafts) and it does not launch - only places a checkmark.

I am missing something - please advise

Thank you

Hi @bobkyle, can you share some screenshots so we can better understand what you’re trying to do? Have you also taken a look at the Action Log to see if there’s anything that shows up there which could explain the behaviour?

I think you are using two different actions. There is an “Add to List” action, you likely installed from the directory, as discussed in this article, which adds the text of your current draft to a list in another draft.

The app also ships with actions that make the selected text in the current draft into a checkmark list. This is in the default “Editing” action group, and labelled “Toggle Tasks” in the action list, but just looks like a checkbox in the action bar above the keyboard.

Thank you … after rebooting iPhone - both the Mac and iPhone appear to work now.

I tested the phone and Mac by creating a draft and launched Add to List action - assigning to each entry to the same list. Both actions add to the same list. I’ll work with it to confirm.