Add to Craft daily notes

Is there a way to add a Drafts document to Craft and put the “backlink” to the Craft document into the daily notes of that day in Craft?

Definitely possible.
I made a bunch of Actions for Craft.

You can look at the „Append to Craft“ actions. There are some that also add the date. So you could just pick that part out of the script and append the date to your current draft.

If you need further assistance let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks for you answer. But I struggle a bit to implement my use case. What I want is that there is a new craft note created from the draft content/note. And that the link to that note is added to the daily note of “today”.

While I able to create the note via the actions available, I do not see how I can retrieve the link to that note.

Hope you can help

The url scheme returns the link to that created note. Adding something to the daily note is not possible with the url scheme (at least to my knowledge).

So you would need to use a shortcut for that which you can trigger from Drafts after creating that note.

I thought you want to have a backlink to the created note from the daily note. This would work without a shortcut.

yes, I need a backlink from the created note to add to the daily note, so when I access the daily note I can easily navigate to the created note

Yes you can do that without a shortcut.

You would just need to append the date of today in crafts format to the draft before you send it off to craft

Great, but how could I receive the link of the create note in craft to add it to the daily note

Now I’m confused :joy:
Can you write a quick list what you want to achieve exactly?
So starting with a draft what is your end goal in Craft?

I want to create a Craft note from a draft note
The link to that craft note needs to be added to the daily note

I can create a new note from draft from the great actions created by you
I can add draft content to the daily note, for exact the same reason.

But how can I retrieve the link of a created Craft note and add it to the daily note. That is the issue I’m facing

Would it also be fine to link from the created note to the daily note?

Then you would have a backlink in the daily note to that note you just created?

Unfortunately that do not work for my workflow

ok, I’ve got a working action for you.

It works as follows:

  1. create a new document in Craft from the current draft
  2. retrieve the link to this document from the callback url
  3. appends a link to the todays daily note which points to the just created document by running a required shortcut

There is no way to add content to the daily note from Drafts using the URL scheme, this can only be done via shortcuts

You can download the Action from the directory. Please read through the documentation to configure the space id.

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