Add the ability to import fonts from files

Hi, please could you guys add this option? Exactly how GoodTask implements it (can import font file and apply it in the theming section)

Drafts just uses system fonts which requires no specific app settings and would to my mind be a preferred way of approaching font installations - once at OS level for all capable apps.

Fontcase will allow you to import files for this that you can then use across apps.

For Mac, you should be able to do this via the standard Font Book.

The system font implementation is really annoying and doesn’t allow you to just install a font from a font file. GoodTask gets around this by allowing you to send a font file to the app and does some magic that way

No plans for a change like this…using the system font options provide the best reliability, compatibility, and security. Font files have been a traditional risk vector and there’s a reason Apple has locked down the system to require permissions and certification to install fonts.

Also, fonts installed by other installed apps using Apple approved mechanisms can only be used if using the system font picker on iOS.

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No problem, I found a paid app that eases the process. No problem I get that

Just tried the app above, works great on iOS 15

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