Add Tags to Note Captured with Insert Link to Draft

When running the action Insert Link to Draft I’m prompted to enter tags.

I would like to have these tags added to the note itself:
tags: #tagAddedToPrompt1 #tagAddedToPrompt2, etc…

Best example would be to incorporate the TAD-Insert Tags action. This is a two step…

  • Adding [[tags]] does not seem to get the job done.
  • I do not see how the “editor” command fits in here…

While I’m improving at manipulating existing scripts, my coding ineptitude is holding me back from seeing how to merge this scripts.

Many thanks in advance!

I think you meant the “New Linked Draft” action in that group. As it stands, you can just add to the loop that adds the tags to the new draft to also add them to the current draft, like:

for (let tag of tags) {
    draft.addTag(tag); // add to current draft
draft.update(); // save current draft changes.

Yes, you are correct - “New Linked Draft.”

Thanks for this…