Add drafts content to a specifi place within a CRAFT note

I like the add-on to add content to Craft, but it “only” allows me to add a draft note at the top or the bottom of a note. When I use a MARKDOWN deeplink of a paragraph somewhere within the document, a “page” is created instead of adding it at that location

I hope there is a possibility to INSERT the draft content just below the header or at the end of the paragraph (where the next header will start).

I hope this is possible.

I do not think Craft provides integration points to target specific locations in a document, based on the URL scheme documentation.

I do not pretend to be an expert on Craft, but based on those docs, I’m guess it’s not possible.

The append to doc url scheme actually allows to specify an index in the document. So you could do it but the problem is that this will not work if you e.g. add content above a heading because it would change the index of the position you normally want to insert the text.

In short:
It’s possible but you could only add text at the top of a section - and you’re not allowed to change (insert or remove blocks) anything above it.