Add draft to Obsidian Kanban file

Not sure the best place to post this was wondering if anyone here might know of a draft action made specifically to add the contents of a draft to an Obsidian kanban file under a specific list. Alternatively, since obsidian kanban files are basically just md formatted text, an action that will send the contents to the bottom of a text block under a pre selected section title.

Example, I have a file in obsidian that looks like this:


  • thing 1
  • thing 2


  • thing 3
  • thing 4

in progress

  • thing 5

I’d love if I could have a draft action that adds the contents of my draft right under “thing 4” in the “todo” section of a pre selected file.

I could probably script this myself I guess but hoping someone has done the hard work already.

The advanced uri plugin for obsidian can probably just do this out of the box. You just set up the proper x-callback url for it here in drafts. It has the ability for you to specify the file to write to and the header to send the text

I did play around with advanced uri plugin but didn’t discover that! It would have saved me a bunch of time but maybe I would have had less fun?

So as an update to this, I have solved this in a way.

Basically, I wrote a draft action that takes makes a text file in an iCloud folder using the contents of the draft, a specific title and a date stamp.

I then have Hazel on my Mac watch for files created in that folder. When THAT happens, it kicks off a python script I wrote that takes the contents and creates a new obsidian note using it, then edits the obsidian note that contains my kanban file and does some searching to put a link to the file in the right “column” (eg markdown header.)

Probably a more elegant way to solve this but I’m just so comfortable working with files in python that it ended up being the easiest way for me.