Add coordinates when capturing from apple watch possible? quick capture when cycling.. :D

Hi all

i bike often around the city and have the need to quick capture/mark sites of interest often when cycling. i thought drafts could be perfect for that on the apple watch.

can one capture a note that will have the current GPS coordinates (lat/long) appended or prepended to the note?

any ideas would are super helpful

thx a bunch


What you’re talking about would have to run on the phone rather than the watch. There’s metadata in the draft you can use - in javascript: draft.createdLatitude and draft.createdLongitude.

thx @martinpacker !

so would i be able to quick capture on watch still or pull out the phone from bag each time?

any examples on how to do so?



Sorry, no example code.

When you create the draft - and I would assume a modernish Watch would support this - it will have coordinates. These can be processed later - by an action on e.g. the phone.

I would assume your model would be to create a new draft on the watch at every point you want the coordinates - with Quick Capture.

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Apple Watch should capture your location when creating a draft in the app on the watch. That would persist just as it would on the phone. Are you finding it is not for some reason? The creation location is visible in the (i) draft detail on the phone.

I got the impression @zeltak wanted to use those coordinates somehow in the text of the draft.

That seems to me to be a matter of post-processing.

thx again @agiletortoise and @martinpacker

i tried today several captures from the apple watch, standing outside and looked in the i in the iPhone app but i get a no location information text

am i missing something?

I got the impression @zeltak wanted to use those coordinates somehow in the text of the draft.

yes that is the end result indeed

thx a lot for the help


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On your linked iPhone, what are your location services for Drafts set to?

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Drafts

As Martin inferred, Apple Watch has not always had GPS available on device. What model do you have?

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ha that was it @sylumer

it was set to ask instead of when using the app

cool so that fixed the location in the note which is now captured :slightly_smiling_face:

so now is there a way to 1)see it on mac drafts 2)extract the actual coordinates to the note (as a text string)?

thx so much guys you rock


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Yes, get info on current draft.

Martin gave you the basic bits of code in his first response, but you can also do it with template tags.

For example, this will insert the creation coordinates for an existing draft at the current cursor position.

Hope that helps.

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wow @sylumer !

beyond perfect!! thx so much for your kind help

best regards


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Very nice. Even nicer would be translation into a place name. Though, on a bike ride, it might not vary much at each stopping spot.