Add Checkbox to OneNote from Drafts

I have a new action I’ve created that will take the text in Drafts and append it to a specific page in OneNote. I’d like to have the text added to OneNote with a checkbox prefixing the line without needing to do this in Drafts. Is there a way to do this?

e.g. in Drafts, put in text that says ‘Paint the House’.
When I run my action, it will append the text to the ‘Home Stuff’ page in the Chris Stuff notebook and add a checkbox (CTRL 1 in OneNote) in front of the text.



I took a stab at this because it’s an example I had planned to put up at some point.

Try this OneNote with Tasks action.

Note that OneNote uses it’s own data-tag attributes on HTML elements to create to-dos (and other special attributes), so this requires scripting to convert the HTML output by Markdown into the tags they want. Details in the Microsoft docs on OneNote data-tags, if anyone is interested in expanding on this example.

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