Add Attendees and Organizer to the Event Object

I leverage the Event object to create drafts for upcoming meetings. It would be very helpful to be able to retrieve the event organizer and attendees properties as well. That would save me a lot of typing when the meeting starts.

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is this what you are looking for?? I am looking for the same, but cannot code :frowning:

You might be better referencing the documentation page for that rather than the Github page. It is a bit easier to make sense of.

The feature was added in version 27 (May 2021); the original post dates back to almost a year before that.

If you have a specific need, you can either look at learning from scratch, adapting an existing action (there are some actions in the directory where you can import calendar events into a draft), or calling upon the community to help build it with you. But to do that you would probably want to start a topic for what you want to do with as much detail in as possible about what you want to put in and what you want to get out.

Thanks, added it here