Add an option to Prompt.addTextField() for a list of autocompletions

I’ve got a text field that has a bunch of commonly entered values. It would be nice if I could have those autocomplete rather than have to type the full thing in.


Have you considered using a select instead? You could always have a select and a text field, and if nothing is selected then take the value of the text field instead.

No, a select will not do. It needs to be able to accept anything. But, there are common values, which is why a pre-defined autocomplete list would be useful.

I’m pretty sure @RosemaryOrchard is saying that you offer both free text and then a set of check boxes which are for standard responses.

If you tick a standard response, you use that. If not, then the free text, non-standard response is used instead.

That is exactly what I’m saying.

There are approximately 65 common values. That’s a lot to scroll through. Plus all the other stuff on the dialog.

This would be a great addition. I have 150 or so values and agree that selects are not the answer.

(I use list filters for this in Alfred.)

+1 for this request. My use case: I’ve just put together a workout logger, something I’ve ported from Editorial. Editorial offers a search/filter field at the top of a selection list which allows for filtering— that made it really easy to filter down to specific exercises to select for the current workout, and save a lot of scrolling…