Add actions from the actions directory on Mac

Hi, I’m not sure if I’m missing something but to add actions in the iOS app there is a plus icon at the top of the actions list, I can’t see anything like that on the Mac version of drafts.

In the mobile OSes, Drafts’s “+” button allows you to add and action (create yourself, add a separator, visit the directory (open, or manage your actions.

On macOS, the circle with a downward arrow head (or ‘v’) gives you the option to manage actions, as does right clicking, which also gives you options to add new actions (create) and separators. Under the help menu, there is an option to visit the Drafts Directory.

When you visit the directory website and select to install a Drafts action, you open a link of the following format.

drafts5://action?identifier={the directory ID of the action}&data={the URL encoded action definition}

This instructs the local Drafts app (regardless of device/OS) to open the app.

I never use the in-app links to the directory any more. I always just navigate straight to the directory in my browser if I need something from it.

Hopefully, that clarifies everything around accessing the directory and installing actions on any supported Apple platform for you.

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Thanks, very helpful, sorry to follow up a question with another question but When I right click the circle with a downward arrow head nothing happens.

Sorry, that should have been “right clicking on the entries in the list”. My brain was thinking it, but obviously the message never quite made it to my fingers :laughing:

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No problem, thanks :slight_smile: