Add a script command to trigger the iOS dictionary popover

I’d really appreciate an instance function, perhaps on the Editor object, to display the iOS built-in dictionary/define popover, accepting a string parameter to look up. I use it extensively, and it’s a pain to do the iOS select/tap/Define dance with my fingers.

(@agiletortoise: the relevant Objective-C API is UIReferenceViewController.)


Makes sense. I’ll put it on the list.


Very much appreciated!

Not quite what you are looking for, but you could bind this to a key:

If you have Terminology installed and it’s default “Look up” action which opens the system dictionary, it will do that jump for you. It will leave you in Terminology, however.


I do indeed have Terminology! My original request would still be much appreciated, and I guess this also counts as a request to let Terminology’s URL-scheme return the user to the calling app when done… :wink:

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