Active/Completed Tasks workflow

Has anyone created a workflow/action that filters and performs actions on drafts based on active/completed tasks? I use Drafts for notes and use a task to denote items that need follow-up. Currently, I manually move these into Omnifocus to process. I’d like to automate this if possible. (e.g., find drafts with active tasks, copy task, create Omnifocus inbox item, mark task in Drafts as complete.) I’m just not sure I have the knowledge to write this myself.

The action directory has several actions that work in fairly similar sounding ways. Just not exactly the same.

Take a look at this one. I think it might be a good starting point for your needs.

See how close it gets you, and see how much of it you can make sense of. You may be surprised at how easy actions can be to modify even if you were not in a position to be able to create them from scratch.

Thank you, this does look promising.

You could also try this that I created:

Just remove the OneNote step if it’s not needed. It uses the standard [ ] notation to create tasks in Omnifocus.

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