Actions to create notes in Awesome Note

I am a huge fan of Awesome Note. It’s one of the most beautiful note-taking and journal app for iOS. Unfortunately, it is not as popular as Bear or Day One, so I don’t think many people are aware of it.

One of the things I wish I could do is to send notes captured in Draft into Awesome Note. I have been using the “Copy” action to do that.

Until today. Today I found out that Awesome Note has URL scheme! And these are documented
here. Who would have thought!

I have not done any URL scheme before, so if there a sample code I can look through it? Ideally something done for Day One or Evernote which I can copy. Thank you for your assistance.

Try this one: Awesome Note Url create | Drafts Directory
I can’t test it since I don’t have awesome notes.

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Thank you. That works!
May I have another request? Awesome Note has a Diary view, where the creation of Diary note will have weather and map. I think I needed the script to be such as this (with a successful call back too). If you can help me with an Action button, I’d appreciate it very much.


replace TEXTTEXTTEXT with Drafts body text.

Just look at the Action i sent earlier. You can provide the „tags“ in the callback.
To include the whole text of the draft you just use „[[draft]]“ instead of TEXTTEXTTEXT in the callback url step

There is also a button where you can open the Tag help in the directory

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Got you. I will experiment with that. Thank you so much!

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