Actions Display in Quick Search

Quick Search feature request:
The Actions result of a search shows some combination of Action icons and Action names, apparently according to each Action’s “Show Icon” setting. Could we have a similar global setting for Quick Search which is independent from the per-Action setting?

I have Actions with “Show Icon” set ON to economize space on the keyboard Action ribbon. I can recognize these in this context, but they can be unhelpful displayed as icon-only in Quick Search results. I would like a new option to always display the Action name in these results, independent of the per-Action setting.

And it’s not just me … if I do a search on “copy”, I see the following Action results:

Copy as HTML \icon\ Copy [] [] () ()

Less than helpful. :slight_smile:

In the beta, which will be launching this week as v31, the action display in Quick Search was changed to match the appearance in the action list, rather than the action bar. This should address your request.