Action to send a draft to another Drafts account

Hello, I use Drafts on a Mac at work (work’s Apple ID) and on my personal Apple ID. I pay for Pro on both accounts.

Is there a way, via an action, to move a draft (or, even better, many drafts) from one account to the other, complete with tags and meta data? The suggestions I’ve read about, to export & import, are not going to work for me.

Thanks in advance for help/suggestions!

Exporting and importing is how you retain the meta data. Any action would have to replicate that if you were not going to use the inbuilt functionality. I.e. You need an external format to hold the draft data to allow it to be transferred between two data stores.

What specifically is the constraint that means this won’t work for you? That may give a clue on a potential workaround if one exists.