Action to post from Drafts to Craft

Anbody using Flohgro ‘s Craft actions?

I have I follow the instructions but I don’t get an error when I use it - drafts just hangs. Anyone else seen this Behaviour?

It uses an x-callback-url to communicate the creation to Craft.

const baseURL = "craftdocs://x-callback-url/createdocument?"

What is probably happening is Drafts is waiting for Craft to respond.

The support page for Craft on URL schemes does not seem to say anything about x-callback-url support…

… but if it didn’t support it, then I would expect everyone would be getting a hang and it to have been raised in another thread about this action.

But it sounds like something is registered for the URL handler, otherwise you would get an error rather than a hang.

The only thing I can think that might match to all of this is that you might have a version of Craft that supports the URL scheme, but not x-callback-url calls. Any chance you could be running an old version of Craft?

If not, maybe @FlohGro might be able to suggest something else to check?

I‘m using the actions daily and I never experienced drafts „hanging“.

More details on how to reproduce the issue and details about the action you are using would be helpful

i wasn’t getting that behaviour on my mac - so deinstalled drafts on the phone and reinstalled and we are now working - so likely a glitch in the matrix - thankyou for your help - all working as expected now - sans the occasional fail if a draft doesn’t have a heading - but cannot get that to fail in a repeatable way that I can spot - when i do - if i do - i will log