Action to import from other iOS Reminders lists

In settings, I can configure Drafts to automatically import from a specified iOS Reminders list, and even to tag those imported drafts with a specified tag. This is wonderfully useful. But I use several Reminders lists, adding to them verbally using Siri.

Is it possible to create an action to import from those other lists? I would love to see the ability to configure Drafts to automatically import from multiple Reminders lists, but I’d be happy with an action.

Can anybody help?

Is Drafts the only destination for the reminders you are creating? I am simply wondering if asking Siri to create a new draft might suffice, and what the reason to import from multiple reminders lists would be.

The existing scripting options for reminders looks like it would support creating an action to import from multiple lists if you did want to go down that route. You would need to know what lists you want to import from, if not simply all, any match criteria (e.g., incomplete tasks only), what you want to do to the reminder after import, etc.

This would likely be a task best suited to Shortcuts. It would not be too hard to create a Shortcut that read reminders and posted them to Drafts with the options you desire - and you could schedule it as an automation in Shortcuts to run periodically.


Yea, Drafts is the only destination. I use Reminders to keep quite a few simple lists, mainly because I find it super simple to just say “Hey Siri, add X To my Projects list”, etc.

But I ultimately want to keep those lists in Drafts, where I can expand on each item.

So if I had 5 different lists that I added to periodically in this way, each one would be automatically imported into Drafts (rather than just the one default list that is allowed currently). Appropriate tags would be added and the new items would all appear in the appropriate workspaces, ready to act on.

I was hoping to do this all in Drafts, but I guess I can create a shortcut to do the same thing. Thanks so much for replying!