Action to create an email in Canary mail

Before i dive into this, is there possibly someone who has already created an action to send a draft to Canary mail. I couldn’t find any in the directory.

If you don’t ask… :slight_smile:


I’m not familiar with Canary Mail, and do not see any examples in the directory…but a couple of comments:

  • If Canary Mail is your default mail client, on either iOS or Mac, you can use use a mailto: based action and it will open a compose window in your default mail client.
  • You can send Mail from Drafts without your email client being involved at all. You can setup your accounts in iOS even if you are not using the Apple’s Mail client and use all the normal “send” actions in Drafts, as described in the email integration guide.
  • To have an action that directly opens Canary Mail, regardless of your default client settings, they would need to support URL schemes in their app. They may, but a quick Google search did not turn up any useful information in this area, so you might need to request info on what methods of integration they support from them.
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Thank you for the swift and informative reply.
Amazing responsiveness.
Drafts becomes better and better the more I use it.