Action to Append To Day One App (iOS or Mac) Specific Journal


So I just want to type something up in Drafts and then run an action that will transfer it to a specific journal in the Day One app.

After checking out the Drafts directory, it seems the only actions available are actions that don’t transfer to a specific journal… but they do link to the actual instructions…but they’re not much help because I’m completely lost on what any of it means lol.

Could someone who is well-versed in scripting help me out :slight_smile:

I’m techie myself, just don’t know enough about scripting… But if it’s a simple workaround, I might figure it out if you lead me in the right direction…THANK YOU!

(apologies for the grammar, writing from mobile device)

It should be as simple as adding the following to the end of the existing url in the action:
&journal=name of journal

However when I tried the action from the directory, which I have used before although not for some time, it opened a new entry in Day One but without the text from the draft. I’m puzzled and will need to look at it again.

That does it. Not sure what my problem was but on investigation I found other actions weren’t working either. Deleting Drafts and reinstalling did the trick and everything OK now including the transfer to a specific journal in Day One.