Action runs twice from Siri

I have a Drafts action that simply adds a date and time to another draft. I use this to record my working time.

I have a shortcut that simply runs the action. Normally I just run it from Siri by saying “record working time”.

This all used to work perfectly well but occasionally I would get two lines of text with times added. Now it’s very consistent that I get a double entry. This is not a problem when I just run the shortcut from the Lock Screen.

Any suggestions as to what could be going wrong here would be welcome.

Try editing the action to do something slightly different or check the action log - maybe Siri is not running the action you expect. i.e. it is worth confirming it is.

I don’t think the problem was ever in the action. In the end I deleted the shortcut and created it from scratch and that seems to have fixed the problem.

By thinking is The System (iOS) had the trigger phrase active twice in some way and was calling Drafts twice. It’s only a theory though…