Action Paste link in HTML format


I would like to achieve following action:

When I click an action button it opens a prompt which asks for :
1- A Link
2- The Link description

When I click OK it inserts me the link inside the draft like this:

<a href="https://MYLINK.COM/">MY LINK DESCRIPTION</a>

I saw that there is an action for achieving this in markdown
But I would need it in HTML

Thanks for your help

PS: This forum has always been an amazing support for my workflow, so thanks to all!

Here’s a simple one -

Things you could upgrade:

  1. You could switch to using the advanced HTML preview to combine for a single data entry prompt.
  2. You could check the clipboard for the URL and default to that.
  3. You could retrieve the page title from the URL as the default description.
  4. You could reposition the cursor to the desired spot.
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  1. You could prompt to ask the user whether it’s Markdown they want or HTML.
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Thank you very much!

Like that the actions does totally what I need