Action Insert Link to Draft Not working

Hi there, I have problems with Action: Insert Link to Draft

I can’t not select anything or cancel. I have to reeboot drafts everytime

The action is working fine for me.

  1. Have you tried rebooting your device?
  2. Can you share a screenshot of what it looks like when you try to select/cancel?

Same, issues persists through reboots of the app and device. I am also getting a lot of Drafts app crashes.

Running Drafts version 25.0.5 on iMac running 10.15.7

25.0.12 is out and fixes the crashing issues. Will look into the draft select issue. I can reproduce it here. Should be fixed in beta shortly, and next release.

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Amazing support! Yet another reason to love Drafts!


I have the issue only in mac, not on ios.
When I click that action, drafts show me the notes list. I can navigate and search but I can’t select anything, and I can not get out from this menu. So I need to force quit drafts