Action generates date, copy to clipboard & delete

Hi. I use Drafts all the time & always opened on right side of monitor. Quite often need to insert current date in other apps and I’ll go to Drafts to run action & copy the output, delete the draft then go paste clipboard in other app. How do I make action to generate date automatically into clipboard and automatically delete that draft?

Using Greg’s action to insert date:

PS: not into text expander, etc.


Never mind, figured it out.

For those interested. Add action “app.setClipboard(draft.content);” and select Trash in After Success.

In case it helps, this will generate the date and put it directly onto the clipboard without inserting it into an existing or new draft.

app.setClipboard(draft.processTemplate("[[date|%B %d, %Y]]"));

Might save you building up drafts in the trash or having to create a new draft if you have just drafted something else and need to generate a date.


@sylumer, thanks! Perfect solution!