Action for next draft; search in inbox vs archive

Is there an action to go to the next draft (or previous) without archiving? Would be very helpful navigating with external keyboard

Also, when I use URL scheme for search, it allows choosing workspace but not whether it is to inbox, flagged, archive or trash. That would be super helpful in customizing those searches. If these are already scriptable things in javascript just not for the URL, I am open to learning though I have little experience with it.


I don’t seem to have those actions. I have the buttons at the bottom but wasn’t sure how to make an action to do that via external keyboard and already checked the directory for drafts4 and drafts5


It’s not an action, it’s built-in in the app. When long press in cmd key you can preview all the default shortcuts plus those of the actions you add.

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Thanks! I have the new version on my iphone, but my ipad is too old for Drafts5 based on the ios version, so I was unable to see those. I really appreciate it, both the up and down drafts and also the tags function in that screenshot.

Is there a way to program these into an action?

Operating without an external keyboard, I’d have to minimize the keyboard to get to the buttons on the bottom.

I’d rather have them right in the floating keyboard while processing

It should be based on the last modified date, so in that sense, yes.

The complexity perhaps comes in when Workspaces and filters come in. We don’t have a way to read what is currently applied.

If you are strictly using workspaces and have a different keyboard row for each workspace, you could tailor the next/previous actions accordingly

Thank you! I hadn’t noticed those - and I wanted them. :slight_smile: