Action for LinkedIn post?

I love Drafts and this community, as I have been the recipient of many actions. I can count on this community when a need arises.

I have a request. Can anyone create a LinkedIn action? To say I stink at creating actions (I never have since you all have beat me to them) would be an offense to people who stink. Is there anyone doing that now? Can you share? I appreciate your consideration

Best, Tom

LinkedIn has an API, but it’s not something that has ever been integrated into Drafts because I haven’t really had any demand for it.

If you have the LinkedIn app installed on your device, you can use the “Share” action in Drafts and select LinkedIn as the destination. Is that adequate for your needs?

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Thank you for your response. I will try it. It’s not a big deal, and I felt bad asking, but you have made everything so easy that I thought I would ask. I have been a Drafts user for some time, but it held the same position as all my writing tools. I am moving it from the same level to the top level. This means all text will start in Drafts; they move to wherever it needs to. I know it’s your philosophy, but I am trying to make it a reality. Thank you for all that you do.