Action for adding images in my drafts using Dropbox or iCloud and Markdown

I browsed the topics about adding images to drafts using Markdown and/or icloud. But I couldn’t find any actions in the action directory. Can anyone spell out exactly how this can be achieved?

You would need to get a public web sharable link to include. I’m not sure iCloud supports that - I never tried. Dropbox I think still can if you use the raw links, but obviously that counts against utilisation and you might hit issues if that was your final online hosting solution for example.

Often it can be better to preload images to the final image host destination and set the image URLs for it in your Markdown.

Maybe you could expand a bit more on your overall ideal workflow and final goal?

Ok. You mean load it to the images in WP admin and then link it via markdown in Drafts. Correct?

Potentially, yes. Are you just previewing? You still haven’t really provided any context.

I have a presentation to make and part of the presentation is in slides. So I have many images which I propose to insert at different parts in my presentation. Then mail the whole speech/presentation to my assistant who will then make the slides based on the embedded images.